A deck can be a wonderful addition to your home and yard. It adds
living space to the home and beauty to your yard.  There are a wide
variety of deck styles and materials available.  When you look at a deck
it should look as if it was there all along, and the materials used should
ensure long lasting beauty and strength.  We pledge that our decks will
do just that.
Deck with cedar and dried pressure treadted lumber
Standard pressure treated wood has given people plenty of headaches and as a result the market is
full of alternatives that claim to last longer and require less maintenance. Cedar and Redwood
have been available for years as an alternative choice for deck builders. Now more exotic
hardwoods are available such as Ipe, a hard wood from Brazil.  Composites are also available for
deck boards. Pressure treated wood is an economical choice and, if properly cared for, can last a
long time. There are positives and negatives to each type of lumber. Be sure to consider several
types of deck boards and determine which is best suited for your back yard.    Each of these
products has some maintenance requirements, there is no maintenance free deck, so carefully read
the manufactures guidelines for maintaining your deck once it is completed.
GreenWorx is prepared to take on your project and make outdoor living more enjoyable for your
household.  Give us a call and we can get started on making a complete plan for a new deck for
your back yard or bringing an old one back to life.
GreenWorx also installs patios where a deck might not be the best fit. Call for more details.
This deck was installed
using dried pressure
treated wood for the deck
boards. We also used
dressed cedar for the
railing and dried pressure
treaded lumber for the
balusters. This selection
of premium lumber will
ensure its beauty for years
to come.
This deck was installed
using a composite
material for the decking
and railing. Due to the
limited back yard space,
stares were run across the
entire deck to keep the
area open giving the deck
a larger feel.
Composite materials made from recycled plastics and lumber particles can make for a beautiful
deck that can last a very long time if taken care of.  The selection of materials are vast, and
different composites will behave differently than others. Be sure to talk over all of the types of
composite lumber you are considering so you can make an educated decision about which material
will be best for your deck in your yard.  

Natural lumber is still a good choice for decking. Cedar and Redwood add an unmistakable
beauty to a deck..  The wood will naturally resist bugs and decay so no chemicals are added to
this lumber to preserve it.  It is recommended that the lumber is sealed once a year after the deck
is completed to protect from UV damage. Premium treated lumber that is dried after the lumber is
treated is also a very good option. Lumber is most likely going to warp when it dries.  Installing
dry lumber is also beneficial as it is ready to stain as soon as the project is completed.  

Choosing the right deck boards will ensure long lasting beauty, installing the framing correctly
will ensure your deck will last.  Careful planning is done to ensure that the frame for your deck
will be solid.  We go above and beyond the local building codes to construct a strong deck that
will withstand everything nature will throw at it.  All of our decks are inspected by the local
building inspectors to protect you, the home owner, and to ensure the work that we do meets or
exceeds local standards.
Here you can see
each part of the
frame. 2x10 joists
held in place by
double 2x12
bands.  The bands
are supported by
4x4 posts resting on
concrete 16x16x8
footers cast in place.
This patio was installed
with a cobble paver for
the main area and
natural stone for the entry
area in front of the gate.
We also installed a
retaining wall to keep the
front yard from washing
onto the patio.
Landscaping and Outdoor Projects, Inc.