This cedar arched picket fence was an addition to an already beautiful
yard.  The home owners wanted to keep the kids in and enhance the
curb appeal of their property.  They chose cedar for its beauty and its
The arched design with the French Gothic posts provides a very elegant
and clean design that looks wonderful over flat or sloped terrain.
The homeowners wanted a gate
installed on this side of the fence
however the section coming of
the side of the house is at a 45
degree angle. This will keep the
gate in plain sight and will provide
a nice location for an arbor that
they will install at a later time.

With the placement of the shrubs
it seems as if the fence comes off
the house and down the side of
the yard without a turn.
The majority of this fence faces
into the yard. Here is a view that
shows both sides. The cedar
provides a wonderful look on
both sides.
This gate opens into the yard. The
four inch 'T' hinge was chosen to
match the hinges used on the
shed. A simple self locking latch
was used to keep this gate looking
clean and simple.
This gate also opens into the yard.
This portion of the fence faces
out so the gate hardware was
installed on the post side of the
fence. To accomplish this the gate
is recessed slightly. The look of
this gate is also very clean with
the hardware installed on the back
These gate frames were
constructed with screws and wood
glue. Combining those elements
with the cedar wood this gate will
be very resistant to sagging over
This is the first thing you see
coming down the drive way.  
Beautiful arches that bounce all
around the yard.
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