Privacy Fencing
A nice fence can add a much needed element of
privacy to your back yard and can really dress up an
otherwise plain border to your property.  Wither you
want to keep others from seeing in or keep from
having to look at others a Privacy Fence will only add
value and curb appeal to your home.
Our fences are always constructed using sturdy
lumber, not panels that will sag over time.  Each post
is set in concrete and two-by-fours are used to span
between posts giving a solid foundation for each
picket to be nailed or screwed on along the contour of
the grade of your property.
Below, our staggered Dog-Eared design, is one of
our unique styles that will make your fence stand out.
Pair that with some landscaping in front of the fence
and you will truly have a new back yard.
GreenWorx is prepared to take on your project and make outdoor living more enjoyable for your
household.  Give us a call and we can get started on making a plan for a new fence for your yard or
bring an old one back to life.
Landscaping and Outdoor Projects, Inc.