We also can get you on track to having a
beautiful lawn.  
Check out Turf Care,
our compressive fertilization and weed
control program.
We also offer consultations to help you
better understand whats going on under
your feet and how to best aid the
greening process.  
We pride our selves on having the most
informed customers.  We want you to
make an informed decision on your lawn
so we do the research and home work
for you.
Lets get your grass greener today. Give
us a call and we
'll get started.
Landscaping and Outdoor Projects, Inc.
Lawn care can be a challenge.  A lot of us want the nice green lawns but don't know the best way to get
there.  A healthy lawn takes time and timing.  GreenWorx wants to help you get there.  We offer a range
of services to help you spend more time enjoying the green grass and less time working on it.  Regular
lawn care is our most common service and we offer competitive rates and an incentive program for
referring neighbors.